constant anti-virus measures.

In Y-concept studio,
We have constant anti-virus measures.

1) Toilet cleaning, once in the morning and once in the afternoon

2)The yoga mat uses sterile spray once in the afternoon.

3)Use of a humidifier
 (the virus stops working when the humidity is over 60%)

4)Installation of alcohol spray
● Once in the studio, wash your hands immediately or spray with alcohol. Students are also requested to provide thorough guidance so that hands can be kept clean.

5) Aroma diffuser
We offer essential oil blends of aromas that are effective for virus sterilization. Please use.

6) Brown spray is a sterilizing aroma spray.
  If necessary, use it for yoga mats, yoga blocks, etc.

7) Yoga mat. After using the yoga block,
Be sure to wipe clean with a sterilizing spray.

8) do not to break or remove equipment. If anything is lost or broken, we will charge you immediately.

9) Be sure to turn off the heater / humidifier switch after use.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Y-concept Studio
3.Feb 2020 



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